Second-hand clothing

"Circular economy: second-hand clothing”

Discover our brand-new business selling second-hand cold weather clothing, footwear and accessories, but in new or near-new condition! At Grand-Froid, you'll find quality items at incredibly low prices, giving you a real bargain.

We offer a wide range of clothing, from warm coats to cozy sweaters, from insulating footwear to essential winter accessories. These items may be sold unwrapped, come from our showroom or correspond to customer returns. Wherever they come from, we make sure they're in excellent condition, so you can enjoy a satisfying shopping experience.

One of the main advantages of our offer is, of course, the very low prices we charge. Thanks to our reuse-oriented approach, we're able to offer you substantial discounts on quality technical clothing. So you can gear up for the cold without breaking the bank, while benefiting from reliable, long-lasting products.

By choosing to buy from Grand-Froid, you also contribute to the effort not to overconsume and to the preservation of our planet. By giving a second life to existing items, you are actively participating in the reduction of waste and the fight against waste. Every purchase you make from us is a positive action for the environment.

Join us today and discover our selection of cold-weather clothing, footwear and accessories at unbeatable prices. Treat yourself while acting responsibly and contributing to the preservation of our beautiful planet.

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