Very cold hoods with their first insulating layer and protective hood complement your protective clothes against the cold.
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Hat CTR Headwall Tyrol -30°C / -20°F

Hat CTR Headwall Tyrol

Info :
Water, Wind, Snow resistant trapper
Réf. CTR1600 52.40 EUR 
Cap Headwall Spire -30°C / -20°F

Cap Headwall Spire

Info :
Water/Wind/Snow resistant cap
Réf. CTR1601 41.90 EUR 
CTR Wildfire Treck Cap -15°C / 10°F

CTR Wildfire Treck Cap

Réf. CTR1618 26.15 EUR 
Frostline hat -49°C / -50°F

Frostline hat

Info :
The Frostline Hat is built for ultimate winter weather protection. Water-resistant, ultralight
Réf. OR243496 66.05 EUR 
Extreme Softshell Bomber Hood -49°C / -50°F

Extreme Softshell Bomber Hood

Info :
Comfort and efficiency in any Extreme Conditions
Réf. 0066R 39.90 EUR 
Authentic Siberian Chapka -49°C / -50°F

Authentic Siberian Chapka

Réf. OT8050 49.90 EUR 
Winter Trapper Hat -5°C/23°F

Winter Trapper Hat

Info :
Fur lined
Réf. LGA13 33.01 EUR 
0081HV Iron Tuff™ HiVis Hood RefrigiWear -49°C / -50°F

0081HV Iron Tuff™ HiVis Hood RefrigiWear

Réf. 0081RHV 49.90 EUR 
0081 Iron Tuff™ Hood RefrigiWear -49°C / -50°F

0081 Iron Tuff™ Hood RefrigiWear

Réf. 0081R 32.37 EUR 
Winter Liner for Hard Hats -20°C / 0°F

Winter Liner for Hard Hats

Réf. PWPA58 15.90 EUR 
Translucent Safety Hard Hat -20°C / 0°F

Translucent Safety Hard Hat

Réf. PWPV54 24.90 EUR 
Hat CTR Wildfire Sombrero -30°C / -20°F

Hat CTR Wildfire Sombrero

Réf. CTR1616 36.65 EUR 
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