Choose your mitts against cold up to -40 C among our different models: heated mittens, convertible , leather...
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Gore Tex Modular Mitts -30C / -20F

Gore Tex Modular Mitts

Info :
Their removable, water-resistant insulated glove liners provide warmth in cold, damp climates and at high altitude.
Rf. OR243253 164.95 EUR 
Multi activities down winter mitts -30C / -20F

Multi activities down winter mitts

Info :
The hottest to go skiing
Rf. OR243370 96.31 EUR  137.59 EUR
Men Alti Mitts Outdoor Research -49C / -50F

Men Alti Mitts Outdoor Research

Rf. OR243284 174.93 EUR  249.90 EUR
Down high mountain mitts -20C / 0F

Down high mountain mitts

Rf. OR243355 81.87 EUR  116.95 EUR
Primaloft Mits -30C / -20F

Primaloft Mits

Rf. THC33309 139.90 EUR 
Extreme Protection Mitts -30C / -20F

Extreme Protection Mitts

Rf. 0617R 66.08 EUR  94.40 EUR
Three-Finger Leather Mitt RefrigiWear -20C / 0F

Three-Finger Leather Mitt RefrigiWear

Rf. 0216R 18.40 EUR  30.67 EUR
3-finger mitts -30C / -20F

3-finger mitts

Info :
Efficiency tested in extreme outdoor conditions
Rf. GLOV-U007 51.35 EUR  102.70 EUR
Lined Mittens -20C / 0F

Lined Mittens

Info :
Ultra Warm and Comfortable Mittens
Rf. HH97 14.90 EUR 
Stretch Convertible Mitt -30C / -20F

Stretch Convertible Mitt

Rf. 0504R 33.23 EUR  55.38 EUR
Convertible Mitt RefrigiWear -15C / 10F

Convertible Mitt RefrigiWear

Rf. 0304R 25.19 EUR  41.98 EUR
 -30C / -20F

Rf. LG7105-luxe 220.67 EUR  315.24 EUR
Women's Gloves and Mittens -20C / 0F

Women's Gloves and Mittens

Info :
Soft, Ultra Warm and Girly
Rf. HH992 15.90 EUR 
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