As winter approaches, opt for extra warm socks. With our thermal cold protection materials, stay warm down to -40°C!

Available in black, grey, ecru and fancy colors, our socks are very comfortable to wear. Great for camping, skiing, expeditions, or simply for everyday use, their properties allow to amplify the heat, while guaranteeing the insulation of your feet with its waterproofness. In addition, for professionals, our socks are suitable for wearing safety shoes and guarantee extra comfort by using breathable materials. 

Keep your feet warm by choosing one of our anti-cold socks made of 4 warm materials (cotton, nylon, wool, acrylics), our socks protect your entire foot.

Discover our range of merino wool socks, warm socks for men, warm socks for women.

Why use thermal socks?

During a winter activity, such as ski touring, snowboarding or an expedition, you may be confronted with temperatures that your body is not used to. Because your body's extremities are difficult to warm, you risk hypothermia if you are poorly equipped. In addition, for activities such as hunting, fishing or camping, you may be exposed to water. Wet clothes amplify the action of the cold. That's why our warm socks are made of insulating, breathable and waterproof materials, allowing you to work in conditions down to -50°C.

Very warm socks

Our products are made of acrylic, elastane, TPU membrane and polyester, which make up the patented "SOFTSHELL" technology. Available in sizes 35 to 50, the very warm socks are perfect for both men and women. Depending on your needs, you can choose protection for temperatures between 0 and -60°C. If you are organizing an expedition in extreme conditions, we recommend that you equip yourself with thermal liners or insoles that can be used in conjunction with the socks.

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