Ideal for maintaining a high body temperature without hindering the wearer's ability to move, the bodywarmer is essential for any outing in the cold. Whether you are a professional working in regular cold conditions or a winter sports enthusiast, our selection of women's and men's warm vests will meet your needs. As a specialist in thermal clothing, Grand Froid offers thermal vests and body warmers for protection down to -50° Celsius.

Find the warm vests for women in a specific category of the catalog. The same goes for men's warm vests. Whether it is for professional or personal use, you will be able to get bodywarmers made of elastane, synthetic fibers, polyamide and goose down at Grand Froid. Thanks to our thermal vests, you will be able to keep your heat without hindering your movements.

Up to what temperature does the bodywarmer protect ?

To accompany you in your daily life, our bodywarmers are made of insulating, breathable and waterproof materials, allowing you to evolve in extreme cold conditions up to 50°C. Our thermal vests retain and amplify heat, are waterproof and have a windproof property. You can use your thermal vest for professional use (cold storage, construction, transport and logistics) or personal use (hunting, fishing, skiing, trekking, etc.). The finish and quilted texture of our thermal vests will convince you to protect yourself effectively against the cold.

What materials should you choose for your thermal vest?

Our thermal vests are mainly made of elastane, synthetic fibers, TPU membrane, polyamide and polyester and even goose down for a natural protection against the cold. Depending on your needs, you can choose protection for temperatures between 0 and -50°C. If you are working in extreme conditions, we recommend that you complete your equipment with warm gloves and hats that can be used in conjunction with your bodywarmer.

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