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Protect your feet from extreme cold, up to -100 ° C: Shoes, boots, thermal socks and insoles
See our selection of shoes and boots adapted to face the winter or specialized for low temperatures. Discover also our range of socks and thermal insulating soles. We guarantee the best protection for your feet, keeping them warm for comfort.

Discover our range of men's shoes for protection against cold. You will find among our models, high, low shoes, thermal, waterproof or with composite protective shell.
Our men's shoes are ultra- insulated and have been designed to withstand indoor and outdoor temperatures up to -60 ° C.
Designed for women, our shoes resist to extreme weather conditions. At the same time comfortable and ultra-light, our women shoes are adapted to humidity environments or extreme cold.
Whether they are ankle boots or waterproof, our women's shoes are made from advanced materials to ensure maximum comfort during periods of extreme cold. selected men boots especially designed to keep your feet warm and dry.
You will find men boots of the American brand Refrigiwear a specialist of clothing and shoes for protection against the cold for nearly 60 years. These boots offers comfort and optimum protection against the cold up to -100 ° C.
If you are looking for a light pair of boots dedicated to daily winter use, we recommend you to choose from our range of boots from Baffin a Canadian brand.
Specialist of extreme work wear clothes, offers a full range of women's boots adapted to winter temperatures.
You will find from our range of sturdy boots and cold-resistant of the American brand RefrigiWear. For private use or professional use, our boots are equipped depending on the model, with a non-slip sole, a safety shell, a liner against the cold or a security system against electrical hazards
Opt for thermal socks protection against cold up to -40 ° C  !
Very comfortable to wear, these socks are suitable for everyday use and for professional use, they can be worn with safety shoes.
Keep your feet warm by choosing one of our anti- cold sock: breathable socks combining 4 hot materials (cotton, nylon, wool, acrylic), merino socks...
Complementing shoes and boots for the cold and snow, you will find a range of thermal insoles, spikes for shoes, insulating lining.
Our thermal insoles keep your feet warm through the use of aluminum, an insulating material. These insoles absorb shock and are adapted to all types of feet.
Our insulating liners may also come to strengthen the protection of your anti- cold shoes and keep your feet warm and dry at an outdoor temperature range down to - 60 ° C.
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