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Hand protection against cold, up to -50 ° C: gloves, gauntlets, mittens
Avoid the inconvenience caused by the cold of the winter season with a wide selection of gloves, glove liners, and cold weather mittens suitable for all trades and for all climates.

Our leather mittens provide optimum insulation against the cold thanks to their linings and cuffs covering the wrist.
Our heated mittens have a pocket for handwarmers and optimum thermal insulation up to -40 ° C.
Our convertible mittens offer you a great freedom of movement while protecting your hands from extreme cold. is a specialist in protective clothes against extreme cold an we have selected a wide range of gauntlets that serves as additional protection against the cold. When the gloves are not enough, the use of under gloves is necessary in extreme cold.
We offer several models of under gloves for protection against cold temperatures: stretch gauntlets for good breathing hands, under- woolen gloves, gauntlets lightweight mesh polycotton, thermal inner gloves... With these under gloves you can continue to work with great ease even when it's very cold. The anatomical shape of the thermal underwear gloves against the cold hugs your hand.
Stop having cold at your fingertips thanks to protective gloves Grand Froid: ThinsulateTM with technology, we offer resistant gloves, waterproof and very comfortable with good flexibility allowing you to focus on your job effectively ... instead of worrying about your hands!
If you need to use your smartphone or tablet, take a pair of touch screen gloves and if you favor adhesion, maxi- grip gloves will allow you to stick to materials without fear of slipping.
RefrigiWear Leather gloves are a must have in cold workplaces: indeed, leather offers at the same time flexibility and protection, waterproof and durability and optimal comfort.
Allied with insulating materials, our Grand Froid leather gloves are your best partners on the field and are almost a second skin for you !
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