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Head protection against the cold: hats, balaclavas, neck warmers, hoods
Combining comfort and technicality, our hoods, balaclavas, hats, neck warmers protect from bad weather and cold

From our range of winter hats, you will find wool acrylic caps with breathable lining to work outside without having the fear of cold, wind or snow.
Cover your nose, mouth, ears and neck with a polar neck warmers, earmuffs with acrylic lining or anti-bacterial neck protection, breathable using the Silver technology.
Keep your ears warm using a headband/earmuffs. The earmuffs helps against temperature drops by protecting your ears from cold and wind.
Our balaclavas protects from your outdoor activities and adapts it selves to all weather conditions. Fleece material with thermal insulation, our balaclavas used to protect the entire head against the harsh climates and extreme cold.
We offer balaclava hoods that cover the entire head except the eyes : Balaclava hood , hood with fleece lining...
Also try our masks neoprene with breathable microfleece or thermal lining. Waterproof and windproof, our masks are for the most part with breathing holes at the mouth to evacuate moisture.
Canadian hoods offer effective protection against the weather: at Grand Froid, we favored comfort and quality with a first insulating layer of polyester fiber in contact with the head, to effectively protect you from the cold while ensuring the heat evacuation from the head.
 All our hoods are equipped with an outdoor hooded nylon which stops rain, resists against abrasion and tear.
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